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The Climate and Environment Council (CEC) is a new, collaborative, action-oriented committee that will guide the implementation of the Kansas City Regional Climate Action Plan. This new committee will be jointly supported by MARC and Climate Action KC.

To move the implementation of the Kansas City Regional Climate Action Plan forward, the CEC will set a broad agenda on climate resilience and sustainability. The council’s work will focus on the following core functions to carry out this purpose.


  • Strategy: Develop near-term regional climate action work plans.
  • Coordination: Prioritize, support and coordinate specific policy, technical and action plans among various organizations and committees.
  • Alignment: Align planning and existing initiatives with funding opportunities.
  • Tracking: Develop and track metrics that measure progress toward climate resilience and sustainability goals.
  • Action: Conceptualize and bring energy to new initiatives and capacities.


The CEC will work across a broad set of issues including energy, buildings, transportation, water, green infrastructure, food, health, innovation and finance.

CEC Updates and Information

The Climate and Environment Council roster, meeting notifications, agendas and summaries are available on the MARC website.