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Mid-America Regional Council

MARC manages the Planning committee, which will serve in an advisory capacity for the development of the Climate Action Plan.

Climate Action KC

Climate Action KC, a compact of elected officials and community leaders works throughout the Kansas City region to draw down greenhouse gases, improve climate resilience, invigorate the economy, promote public health, and improve the collective quality of life.

Global Covenant of Mayors

The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) is an international alliance of cities and local governments with a shared long-term vision of promoting and supporting voluntary action to combat climate change and move to an inclusive, just, low emission, resilient society. 
The initiative is jointly funded by the European Union and Bloomberg Philanthropies and supported through a global network of partners, including C40, ICLEI, UCLG, Eurocities, Energy Cities and Climate Alliance. There are currently over 160 GCoM member cities in the U.S., all of which have made a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and prepare for the impacts of climate change. 
In March 2019, MARC joined the GCoM on behalf of the region and was selected along with the Denver, Washington D.C., and Chicago metropolitan areas to receive technical assistance through a new Regional and Metro-scale Climate Leaders initiative to develop a regional Climate Action Plan. As a member of GCoMMARC has committed to 

Completion of a community scale greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory, following the recommended guidance.  

  • Completion of an assessment of climate risks and vulnerabilities. 
  • Adoption of ambitious, measurable and time-bound target(s) to reduce/ avoid GHG emissions. 
  • Adoption of ambitious climate change adaptation vision and goals, based on quantified scientific evidence when possible, to increase local resilience to climate change.  
  • Adoption of ambitious and just goals to improve access to secure, sustainable and affordable energy. 
  • Adoption of a plan addressing climate change mitigation, low emission development, climate resilience and adaptation, and access to sustainable energy. 
  • Regular reporting through the CDP global carbon disclosure system


In 2020, MARC received badges from the GCoM for completion of the regional Greenhouse Gas Inventory and the Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment.