Collaboration and Leadership



Implementation of the regional climate action plan requires strong levels of coordination, collaboration, partnership and engagement at all levels. Leadership development and capacity building across communities, organizations and businesses is fundamental to achieving the level of change required to attain planning goals.

A range of public, nonprofit and private sector organizations are involved in climate action across the community, among them the Mid-America Regional Council and Climate Action KC. Each of these organizations, in turn, participate in expansive networks with leaders and organizations across the community.

Creating new organizational structures will help achieve planning goals in several ways. First, with the variety and number of interested organizations and stakeholders, there is a clear need for stronger coordination. Second, stronger coordination will catalyze stronger leadership and action, and build increased levels of accountability.

Climate action initiatives will be configured to build leadership and capacity across the community, with a strong emphasis on social equity, linking community-based organizations with policy leadership and decision-making at all levels.


Leading by example

  1. Climate Action KC
  2. MARC Air Quality Forum
  3. Regional Transit Coordinating Council