Finance and Innovation



Climate action is rooted in creating a more equitable, just and healthy environment for all. However, there is often not equitable access to programs and initiatives that are set up to address climate inequities. Finance and innovation around climate action goals and strategies are necessary to create an environment that increases and encourages participation, access and impact.

But, as with all things, there is no one solution that will work in a silo. These actions are intended to be mutually supportive to one another and to the strategies in other sections of this plan.

The Kansas City region is well-known for its philanthropic community, but philanthropy alone will not get us to the ambitious goals this plan lays out to move the region forward from a financial standpoint.

The global markets have continued to evolve to support climate action policies and the Kansas City region through the support of public, private and nonprofit organizations. We are well-positioned to make the most of existing and emerging tools to increase financial investment and innovation to support climate action.


Leading by example

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