Resilient Success Stories: True Life Stories from the Kansas City Region

Resilient Success Stories: True Life Stories from the Kansas City Region

MARC is now accepting submissions for the 2022 Resilient Success Stories Event. We hope to learn about new climate resilient-focused policies, plans, projects or practices that are aligned with the Kansas City Regional Climate Action Plan.  

Exemplary stories may focus on one or more of the seven categories within the plan, including transportation, energy generation, finance and innovation, urban greening, healthy resilient homes, food systems, and industry and resource management. Resilient success stories are sought from public, private or nonprofit sectors, or from interested community members. Preference will be given to regional and local projects in the Greater Kansas City region.  

Resilience: The capacity of social, economic and environmental systems to cope with a hazardous event or trend or disturbance, responding or reorganizing in ways that maintain their essential function, identity and structure, while also maintaining the capacity for adaptation, learning and transformation.

Selected Resilient Success Stories will be highlighted at the Kauffman Foundation on the morning of Dec. 2. Submit your projects here by Tuesday, Sept. 20.

Project Selection Process

Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) will convene a group of local judges to review and select resilience success stories to be presented at the Dec. 2 event. Project sponsors for the selected stories will be asked to prepare a brief presentation and participate in the event.


Aug. 1 – Call for stories opens 
Sept. 20 – Story submittals due
Oct. 14 – Selected project sponsors are notified  
Dec. 2 – Resilience Success Story event

How to Submit Your Story

MARC and Climate Action KC are now accepting submissions for exceptional examples of climate resilience success projects. The submission deadline is Tuesday, Sept. 20.

Save the Date!

The program will feature selected stories, local successes and challenges, and create a forum for networking about sustainability initiatives in the community. See you all on December 2!

Click here for example stories!