GHG Target: Net Zero by 2050

Net Zero by 2050

By 2050, the Kansas City region will have a net zero carbon economy.

Net zero GHG emissions for local government operations by 2030

Net zero GHG emissions for energy generation by 2035

Net zero GHG emissions from homes and buildings by 2040

Net zero regional economy by 2050

How will we meet our target?

  1. De-carbonizing the electric power grid.
  2. Transitioning to electric vehicles, mode shift and sustainable development.
  3. Optimizing the energy performance and health of buildings and homes.
  4. Diverting food and landscaping waste from the landfill.
  5. Sequestering carbon in the soil through green infrastructure conservation and restoration.

For a detailed look at meeting our target, explore the nine action sections. 

Collaboration and Leadership

Energy generation


Finance & Innovation

Urban Greening

Healthy & Resilient Homes and Buildings

Food Systems

Community Resilience

Industry and Resource Management

Breakdown of CO2e reduction by action area