Climate Action KC debuts on global stage at COP26 Conference

Climate Action KC debuts on global stage at COP26 Conference

The COP26 Conference was a landmark opportunity for establishing continuity on the global challenge of climate change. The conference resulted in not only an official agreement but also a series of commitments to various mitigation and conservation efforts, including a deforestation pledge, a methane abatement pledge, an agreement to end overseas financing of oil and gas projects, and a steel and aluminum trade agreement. 

Additionally, it allowed collaboration on a myriad of strategies and solutions facing local climate advocates.  Climate Action KC was fortunate to be invited to participate in an official panel sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund and the European Union. The discussion was focused on regional climate action in small and medium-sized cities in the Americas. 

Along with mayors from Canada, Argentina and Brazil, Roeland Park Mayor Mike Kelly shared examples of CAKC’s efforts in the Kansas City metropolitan area, including the Regional Climate Action Plan and the Renewables Direct program available to municipalities in our area. The panel was broadcast live worldwide.

This coming spring, Climate Action KC looks forward to returning the invitation and welcoming 18 different regions from North America and Europe to participate in its Climate Action Summit.  More information will be available in the coming weeks.

Mayor Kelly’s panel segment of the presentation “Accelerating local climate action in medium & small municipalities committed to the GCom (Global Covenant of Mayors): Looking at good practices across the Americas