Climate Action KC passes the torch

Climate Action KC passes the torch

Dear Climate Action KC Community,

We hope 2023 is shaping up to be a prosperous year for all of you.  It’s definitely off to a fast start.  

Like many of you, Climate Action KC has been busy continuing its work to make our region a healthier, more economically prosperous, and climate-resilient community.  In that fashion, we have some exciting news to share. After four years of service as CAKC Board Chair and CAKC President, we are pleased to announce a recent transition in CAKC leadership.  

Please join us in welcoming the CAKC Board’s selection of Mission City Councilmember Hillary Thomas as the new CAKC Board Chair, and BNIM Architect and Director of Sustainability & Regenerative Design as the new CAKC President.  Both have been with the organization from its inception and share the vision to lead the next chapter of CAKC.  We feel that this change will bring vibrancy, new energy, and a refreshed perspective to CAKC’s vision.  

With once-in-a-generation opportunities presented by the Infrastructure and Jobs Act as well as Inflation Reduction Act, the Kansas City region is poised for extraordinary growth over the coming years. CAKC, alongside its incredible partners, is prepared to lead our region in transformative climate policy and programs. 

While leaving our roles is bittersweet, we have full trust and confidence in Hillary and Jeremy— and people like you— to guide CAKC and make its important work successful. Thank you for allowing us to join you as the mission continues.  

By 2050,

-Mike Kelly and Lindsey Constance

Climate Action KC Outgoing Leadership