Collaboration and Leadership Goal 2

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GOAL: Empower communities to lead

CL-2.1: Develop a network of climate leaders and ambassadors at all levels

A broad range of community stakeholders participated in the development of this plan. Moving from plan development to implementation will require the identification and cultivation of leaders and champions across the community. Local governments, local businesses, neighborhoods, schools, universities, hospitals and others will need to identify points of leadership for implementation.

Climate Action KC leadership provides a strong starting point for community champions and ambassadors. Deepening this leadership among local governments and community groups, especially in frontline communities, will be pivotal to the plan’s success.

Equity considerations/opportunities

Leadership is viewed in an inclusive manner. The initiative views leadership potential throughout the community—at multiple scales and positions, with diverse networks creating opportunities for leverage, partnership, collaboration, synergy and efficiency. Leadership development strategies can be tailored based on interest and need.

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