Community Resilience Goal 1

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GOAL: Proactively engage vulnerable communities in climate action


CR-1.1: Develop an engagement strategy

This plan serves as a framework for deeper and broader engagement with a focus on how climate action is realized throughout the region. Engagement of vulnerable communities will be a proactive and ongoing process as climate action planning is refined, implemented and evaluated.

Each community’s needs and vision are unique, and the response should be developed in a way that supports this vision and builds social capital, agency, equity, inclusiveness, empowerment and new climate leadership.

Whole-community, participatory processes that focus on equity will bring about climate action that illuminates and resolves unintended consequence, reaps multiple cobenefits and uplifts communities.

An engagement strategy will be created as a framework for deeper community-driven engagement developed by leaders in vulnerable communities, in partnership with broader community leadership.

Equity considerations/opportunities

In order to ensure full accessibility for all and adapt to the culture and traditions of neighborhoods within different communities, the engagement strategy will need to include flexibility in the types of communication channels and engagement techniques it uses. Trusted leaders in vulnerable communities will develop the engagement plan or program in partnership with the Climate Action KC Equity and Engagement committee and MARC.

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  • Adaptation