Community Resilience Goal 2

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GOAL: Educate the public about climate vulnerability, resilience and action


CR-2.1: Develop a strategy for climate resilience communications, outreach and education

To support work that advances community resilience, a strategy for communications, outreach and education will need to be developed for several key audiences. This includes vulnerable neighborhoods, local government leaders, businesses, community organizations and students. The core objectives will be to expand collective knowledge about the future impacts of climate change as they relate to the region, convey climate action strategies, develop a clear strategy for ongoing and emergency communications, and track the success of plan implementation. The communication strategies will inform and intersect with other plan strategies, including the Regional Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex).

Equity considerations/opportunities

Information will need to be accessible to everyone, including those without access to the internet and smart devices, those with limited English proficiency, and those with cognitive and physical disabilities. Leaders from underserved communities should be part of the planning work.

  • Mitigation
  • Adaptation