Community Resilience Goal 4

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GOAL: Prepare for climate risks and stresses


CR-4.1: Incorporate resilient infrastructure design into emergency planning and preparedness

Our region is well-prepared to respond to many different types of emergencies with mitigation plans and strategies in place to reduce the impacts of potential hazards. However, changing climate and weather patterns are bringing a new sense of urgency to disaster preparedness. Some communities may
be more prepared than others. For communities that have yet to work through pre-disaster planning exercises based on “the new normal” of serious climate-related threats, engagement opportunities and resources should be available to help them get started. Further, existing resources — such as the three hazard mitigation plans that cover the region, and emergency management guides, etc. — should be evaluated for opportunities to better integrate the myriad of climate adaptation solutions included in this plan.

Equity considerations/opportunities

Ensuring vulnerable communities are at the table in pre-disaster planning and preparedness initiatives will be essential. Outcomes must be equitable and just.

  • Mitigation
  • Adaptation