Johnson County leaders speak about why they adopted the Climate Action Plan

Johnson County leaders speak about why they adopted the Climate Action Plan

On September 2nd, the Johnson County Board of Commissioners voted to adopt a resolution endorsing the solutions and strategies in the KC Regional Climate Action Plan (CAP), with the goal to build a stronger, healthier, more vibrant, and economically vital community. 

The Regional CAP was presented to the JOCO Transportation Council, Planning Commission, Food Policy Council, Solid Waste Management Committee, and Parks and Recreation Board of Commissioners, all of whom have submitted documents of support or endorsement.  

“One of Johnson County government’s leadership principles is ‘Together we will leave our community better than we found it,” says county commissioner Janee Hanzlick. “By adopting the Climate Action Plan, Johnson County is making a commitment to protect our community and ensure a healthy, safe and equitable future for our children and grandchildren.”

Johnson County has a history of leading and supporting climate sustainability initiatives ranging from GHG reduction goals, county energy conservation policy, LEED and Energy Star certified buildings and alternative fuel fleet vehicles.

Brian Alferman, Sustainability Program Manager for JOCO said, “I’m very proud of the statement of leadership the passage of this resolution displays from Johnson County. We have a deep history of quietly leading on sustainability and this was an opportunity for us to declare loud and clear that we believe the KC Regional Climate Action Plan can guide our decision-making to create a healthier, stronger and more resilient community for us all. My hope is that our endorsement starts conversations in other KC local governments, paving the way for more endorsements and propelling our regional collaborations to achieve even greater impact.”

The county is building upon past successes to continue the good work already underway, while seeking opportunities to implement additional solutions that will result in a healthier environment. 

“I am proud of the Johnson County government for recognizing the opportunity and responsibility to work as a metro region pursuing the goals of the Climate Action Plan,” says Hanzlick. “The Plan provides a path forward to reduce harmful carbon emissions and improve climate resiliency, while also invigorating our local economy, promoting public health, and improving the quality of life in our county and region.”

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