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The Kansas City region has a long history of working to build economic, social and environmental sustainability through leadership, planning and action. One of this plan’s principles is to build from success. A brief review of some of the regional sustainability initiatives provides an understanding of how proposed future endeavors may be informed by previous successes.

MetroGreen plan completed

MetroGreen plan completed by Kansas State University and the Prairie Gateway Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects

1998 Regional sustainability initiatives
Creating Quality Places

Launched Creating Quality Places initiatives

2002 Regional sustainability initiatives
Smart Moves

The Smart Moves Regional Transit Plan adopted with updates in 2008 and 2017

2003 Regional sustainability initiatives
Clean Air Action Plan

Clean Air Action Plan completed with updates in 2011 and 2018

Natural Resource Inventory

First Natural Resource Inventory created, with update in 2013

2008 Extra Label
Regional Forestry Policy Framework

Regional Forestry Policy Framework created

Sustainable Solid Waste Management Plan

Sustainable Solid Waste Management Plan created

Transportation Outlook 2040

Completed Transportation Outlook 2040, which includes adaptive sustainability, climate change and energy use strategies.

Creating Sustainable Places

Launched Creating Sustainable Places

Climate Action Champion

U.S. Department of Energy and the White House designate a Kansas City-area consortium as a Climate Action Champion

Regional Climate Resilience Strategy

Adopted the Regional Climate Resilience Strategy

Green Infrastructure Framework

Green Infrastructure Framework adopted

Urban Heat Island Mitigation Assessment

Urban Heat Island Mitigation Assessment and Policy Development for the Kansas City Region” completed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and MARC