Tips for Bike Commuting in the Winter

Tips for Bike Commuting in the Winter

Being a sustainable commuter doesn’t have to be isolated to the warmer months. RideshareKC, a program of the Mid-America Regional Council, recently co-hosted a Winter Bike Commuting Workshop with Bicycle Depot Kansas City to help commuters feel empowered to keep biking to work throughout the winter.

These are some of our favorite tips from Dave Reinert, Owner of Bicycle Depot Kansas City.

Keep Your Face Warm with a Balaclava or Gaiter

Focus on keeping your face, feet and core warm. Your legs will typically be the warmest because they’re doing the most work.

Make Your Helmet Windproof with Packing Tape

Bicycle helmets with vents are great for keeping you cool and ventilated in the summer. In the winter? Not so much.

Latex Gloves and Plastic Bags Can Provide An Added Layer of Warmth

Investing in a pair of windproof gloves is important to keeping your hands warm on your commute. Wearing latex gloves on your hands can provide an affordable extra layer of protection.

Don’t Forget About Winter-Proofing Your Bike

Salt used to treat roads in the winter can wreak havoc on your bike. This is why it is especially critical to keep your bike clean and well-lubricated throughout the winter months.

Resources for Winter Bike Commuting

  • MARC Regional Trails and Bikeways Map: This regularly updated map shows the variety of bicycle facilities around the region.
  • Guaranteed Ride Home: Register for this free program and RideshareKC will cover up to two Uber, Lyft or taxi rides home in case of illness or emergency each year.  
  • Find a Bike Commute Buddy: Enter your home address and work address to find people to bike with. 
  • Submit a 311 Request: Report debris or unplowed snow on your commute and keep you and others safe on the road. 

Are you a winter bike commuter?

Email RideshareKC ( and share your commuter story.